Template junkies

doll-576765_640We’ve recently released a new set of (free) templates for companies to use.  They’re available via our website http://www.zenkara.com

As part of the review, one of our software engineers googled SRS and URS templates to see what was readily available.  It’s great to see they’re so much in the public domain, but we found there was too much choice.  There wasn’t enough (any?) guidance on which ones to use and why.  As SRS can have very different contexts – it depends on the original reason for writing it.

But without knowing the author’s original intention it becomes difficult to navigate and tailor.  That’s why when we prepared our new set of templates, we included guidance on why they were constructed.

Why free? It’s so we can do our bit to help.  If the industry improves, we benefit as well.

Here’s a quick list to use:

  1. What templates do you use?
  2. Why do you use those particular templates?
  3. Do staff find them useful?
  4. How do we improve or tailor the contents?
  5. How does everyone contribute?

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James Kelly is a highly experienced quality and organizational improvement specialist with practical application of high maturity methods. With more than 25 years in quality and organizational improvement, he brings about significant productivity and quality improvements in engineering and technology intensive companies.book image 2

He is the author of Practical Kaizen: 501 Daily Steps To Improve Your Business.  The book gives you hundreds of simple improvements that can be implemented across your team and company regularly, quickly and cheaply.

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1 Response to Template junkies

  1. falcon124 says:

    Sounds great – are they being released under Creative Commons licenses? (www.creativecommons.org.au)

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