The underlying problem of Agile vs CMMI

Over the past several decades, various techniques have been proposed, developed and applied to improve the development and deployment of information systems.  Many of these techniques have focused on process improvement, including TQM, IS development methods, Agile (XP, SCRUM, etc) methods, ISO9001, BPR, BPM, 6 Sigma, EFQM, Quality Function Deployment.  Yet the deployment of each techniques fails to deliver the stated benefits.  This seems to be an ongoing cycle of techniques with the same problems encountered during wide-scale adoption.

Implicit in these approaches is the need to identify benefits ie. the problems which are to be solved when introducing them.  Yet many of the methods do not in themselves explicitly identify which problems they are best at addressing.  E.g. what problem does the CMMI or Agile approach solve for your organisation?

This related directly to the whole Agile vrs CMMI debate currently occurring.  Taking a broader view enables us to understand that Agile and CMMI can both improve your organisation – it just depends on what needs to be improved (what problems do you have?) as to which method or approach (or method components) are to be used.

Indeed there is one perspective called the Contingency Approach which essentially says it doesn’t really matter which approach to improvement is used – so long as something is used.

Do you have a clear list of your organisation or team’s current problems?
Are these the underlying problems or are they symptoms?

Often management want a silver bullet – haven’t we seen lots of those!  Yet often the problems stem from the culture of the organisation – people who join quickly get conditioned to accept the status quo and the opportunity to improve is lost…

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3 Responses to The underlying problem of Agile vs CMMI

  1. The myths surrounding the compatibility of CMMI and Agile have recently been debunked by SEI. These seemingly opposing strategies can be paired to foster dramatic improvements in business performance. You can read more in our recent article:

    • redonyx says:

      Whoa, hold the phone there! Just because they write from their perspective doesn’t mean they’ve debunked anything. It certainly doesn’t seem to have done anything for the majority of agile users.
      But you are correct, we can use both approaches in tandem (together with others) if we know why we are using them.

  2. Ismail says:

    Hi there,
    Nice post. Organizations need passionate professionals to drive continual improvements- quality-cultured people.

    P.S. Would you like to be a guest blogger at my blog?

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