Starting Again?

We recently conducted some seminars on process and methods use (or disuse).  We did a quick poll of the audiences and were quite startled (though not entirely surprised) with the consistency of results.

For all of the effort that has been put into improving ICT projects, development and delivery practices over the past 30 – 40 years, we still seem to be struggling with fundamental problems – budgets overrun, schedules blown, buggy products that don’t do what the customer expected.

Results from an oft-quoted regular study conducted by the Standish Group seemed to indicate that as an industry we have made great strides, but we appear to have regressed over the past 2 years.

We asked some of our audiences if they were using (or had used) improvement methods such as CMM, ISO9001, TQM, EFQM, etc.  Very few people put up there hands.  We also asked them if they were implementing Agile.  Several people said yes e.g. SCRUM but when asked to describe how it worked, most could not describe the method and indicated they were Agile-like.

Of course CMMI, SCRUM, ISO proponents can describe their respective models every effectively but are these in the minority?

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