How to get promoted in 24 steps

There are a lot of books and many lengthy articles about how to get promoted.  But rather than read through hours and hours of theoretical material, here are 24 ideas that will help you get promoted. 

  1. Figure out if there is room for promotion in your company
  2. Create opportunities to show how well you can perform
  3. Take on visible projects – preferably that stretch your skills and are of visible benefit to the company
  4. Volunteer for cross-dept projects
  5. Look at your company’s need and objectives.  What could you do differently in your job to better contribute to these objectives?
  6. Make your boss and their boss look good
  7. Build relationships with your boss’s peers’ staff
  8. Look at recent promotions – what did they do differently
  9. Increase your visibility – how can you demonstrate that you get results
  10. Find a coach or mentor with a senior executive or manager
  11. Get politically savvy – though don’t burn bridges
  12. Be known as a positive thinker
  13. Be ambitious and passionate about what you do – if you can’t, find a job in which you can
  14. Be punctual to meetings and arrive at work 30 minutes early in the morning and leave 15 minutes later in the afternoon
  15. Network, network, network and try to be popular
  16. Attend company functions and make sure the key stakeholders know you want a promotion
  17. Learn a new skill – show you have direction during your appraisals
  18. Look at your own succession plan.  Who will replace you?
  19. Plan each day – what are your top 6 objectives you want to achieve today
  20. Do more than is required on each task
  21. Share the credit with your peers
  22. Quantify your results
  23. Promote yourself – attend and present at industry associations, conferences.  Write articles, online discussions.

 And most importantly,

 24. Be a team player

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