Improve your PMO effectiveness by walking around

As a PMO member, probably one of the most productive things you could do for your customers is to get out from your desk and get into businessland.

By physically staying in the PMO team area (and let’s face it many do), you risk becoming isolated – organizationally, culturally as well as physically.  Your value and relevance to the organization dwindles and you begin to be asked to justify your existence.  The day you get asked this is the day you should start polishing your CV and call employment agents.

Getting out and about has a number of effects:

  1. It forces you to think who your customers are.  Sometimes this is obvious, but often there are indirect customers and stakeholders you may have not considered
  2. Your visibility in the organization grows, and if you’re truly adding value in the company, you build your reputation
  3. You get firsthand experience of what is being done and what problems are occurring.  Email is a strong filter – stronger than we realize.  We need to know things that people are often reluctant to write in an email
  4. You can provide immediate support and relay the types of training and support needed back to the other members of your PMO team

The AFD indicator is a useful tool to see if you’re doing a good job as PMO (in addition to your projects performing well)

A. Count the number of hours you spend in userland

B. Count the number of hours spent behind your desk

Divide A by B

If the result is greater than or equal to one, you’re doing a good job

If the result is less than one, get out from your desk!!

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