Top 15 Business Improvement Items for the New Year

The following is a list we put together to get someone started in improving their business. Hope you find it useful – they certainly did!

1. Do you have a consolidated list of your current projects?  Is it clear how each is progressing, who is responsible for us, and how it will contribute to your bottom line?

2. Do your staff understand who does what? Across the whole company? Are these well known (and written down) or do different people have different ideas?

3. Does everyone have business cards? Recognition is critical to building loyalty.

4. Do you spend too long in meetings? Do you have too many of them? Can some be combined, removed or shortened?

5. Do you have a good understanding of where the company is headed? How do you know?

6. How often do you listen to customers? Are they 100% happy to give references and referrals?

7. Who suggests improvements to the business? Managers, the owner? Customers?  Support staff?

8. How often does the team meet for lunch, pizza, drinks?  If geographically dispersed, how do you engage remotely?

9. What improvements have been made for new product developments, customer experience, billing processes?

10. How do marketing and sales engage with projects, development, delivery and support staff?

11. How are you improving your communications with staff, customers, suppliers, Angels?  Are you getting the most out of Web2.0?

12. How many bugs/defects are currently outstanding? Is this figure going up or down?

13. What is your current backlog of sales? Unpaid accounts?

14. Do you have the tools you need to get the job done?

15. Do your processes actually help you do your job? Or are they not really used, out of date or sitting on a shelf (or webpage/directory) somewhere?

What problems do you have? How long have you had them? What steps have you taken today to help solve them?

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