Make your PMO more relevant

Now that the initial PMO wave of enthusiasm has waned, it’s time to drive value through your PMO and make your team more relevant to the organisation.

Take some pragmatic steps:

  1. Identify specific gaps per project (or subproject) in your current portfolio
  2. Who is not delivering? Why are they failing? Insufficient resources? Underestimated effort, duration, scope or complexity?
  3. Provide staff to the project teams to assist in helping projects to fill the gaps – and not just fault find.

In all likelihood the already know the gaps but can’t prioritize sufficiently to address them. Or they may simply not view them with any importance – in which case you can give specific advice on what it will mean to not fill the gaps:

DON’T say: “If you don’t fill this gap, you will fail the next audit/review

They’re unlikely to care and are probably more interested in surviving to the next milestone and keeping fingers crossed they won’t be cancelled.

DO say: “We can help tighten the scope and remove unnecessary overlap with project Y”

They’ll jump at this sort of assistance.  Practical, timely, and visible.

Try to sell them on:

  1. Reduce cost
  2. Improve scope delivery on time
  3. Improve quality of what is delivered

Which of these are important to your team?  All of them?  Then which is the MOST important?  Then target your activities and suggestions based on that.

If you are just a glorified post box and just summarise what other people give you, you may not be around for long…


Tomorrow, ask one team member from each project what is their most significant problems and what you can do to assist.

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