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Successful project delivery using Quality Management Plans (QMP) – and happy customers!

We’re often asked by project managers about the purpose of Quality Management Plans and what benefits (if any) they may have on projects. The short answer is that when used correctly they can be essential to project success. Firstly what … Continue reading

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Criteria for selecting a development method – Agile, Waterfall, Agifall hybrid

Why did you choose the method you’re using right now? We’ve all been in the scenario where the old way of developing has become stale. Productivity is down, defect rates are rising, and team morale is low.  Things may have … Continue reading

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A Federated Process Model

A common problem experienced by companies with diverse operations is that of standardizing processes. Finding a balance is a complex activity that involves: a)      having enough processes definition to drive end to end processes and hence results for the company … Continue reading

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Peer Reviews Improve Product Quality and Project Delivery

Shock! They actually work! Peer reviews are an effective tool to improve the quality of deliverables – be they documents, code, tests, presentations, etc.  Yet they are still not used in many companies. Why not? People don’t have the “time” … Continue reading

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